Criminal Defense Practice

Winning Criminal Defense through Knowledge & Experience

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Criminal Defense Practice

The Law Office of Jose Alfredo Hernandez ensures that our clients are properly advised of all of the consequences of accepting a plea offer or taking a case to trial. We spend the necessary time researching and reviewing all of the facts and circumstances in the client’s case before recommending any steps to take. We are mindful that a case should be pushed to trial to ensure that all of the client’s rights are protected and provides vigorous representation.

Our Commitment

It is our dedication and commitment that has enabled us to successfully represent individuals for the past 11 years both in the criminal courts and in immigration proceedings.


We understand criminal proceedings can be very intimidating, from securing a bail bonds man, to being there for a client during investigative interviews by the law enforcement agency to representing the client at the arraignments and pre-trials, we will take the time to answer all our client’s questions to help them through a very difficult time in their life.


The Law Office of Jose Alfredo Hernandez possesses the criminal defense knowledge that allows for a thorough representation of our clients whose past criminal history may be a barrier for either obtaining or maintaining their lawful immigration status in the United States.

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